Tyre Pressure

It is important to ensure your tyre pressures are set correctly and checked regularly. Under inflated tyres can overheat which increases risk  of the tyre blowing out. Over inflated tyres can lead to poor road handling. Both will greatly increase the wear on your tyres meaning you will have to replace them more often. The financial impact doesn't stop there! Under inflated tyres cause a greater rolling resistance that requires more fuel to maintain the same speed.

Check your tyre pressure every 2 weeks to improve your safety and to save you money. You can find the correct pressure for your tyres in the drivers handbook, on a sticker inside the fuel tank flap or inside the drivers door. Remember tyre pressures should be checked and adjusted when tyres are cold. If you are putting an additional load in the vehicle check the handbook for the correct loaded tyre pressure.

Remember we will check your pressures as part of our FREE tyre check.





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